Desire – key to growth

One characteristic of successful people is consistent emotional staying power.
They are able to maintain focus with less effort and have more positive effect than many. Frequently we say, at least to ourselves, I want some of that! So, what is “that”??

I suggest, whether you are an organizational leader, servant, follower or new role seeker, that an answer lies in the strength of your inner desire. Not your intellectual rationalizing self, that knows all, but the desire that sits in your gut.

Motivation is a driving force. It encourages discipline, focus, and drive. Motivation is a desire (in your gut, not your head) with the expectation that it will be accomplished. Desire is fueled by a burning passion, a passion you must daily see, feel, smell, touch, even hear. Successful people learn to recognize and enjoy this passion, funneling it to meet specific objectives.

And it is this passion, and the positive strong self it supports, that creates the aura and the reality of success.