Maybe I can save the world too!

Ultimately, whatever we plan, it all comes down to execution.

Over the past 40+ years books and articles have been written about the criticality of embedding  Organizational Change management in all that we do.  They screamed  It’s the PEOPLE, stupid!! got it?

It’s all there. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Gerald Wienberg or Peter Bloch,  Kotter or Jacques or Bossidy..

Well I thought the message got thru, yet to my surprise, in 2009, we still don’t get it. I thought I was out of a job.  wow, I am hireable! and so are all you believers!

Anytime, we ( individual, group, company..) want to do something, anything,  inherently we are making changes. Changes to process, people, technology, attitudes, metrics…whatever.  Few things have ever been done with long term success in a “9-1 fashion”.

So as you begin to plan your project ( maybe I am making another assumption here as well), spend some quality time involving all those affected stakeholders.  Talk with them..Please..

maybe with a few more successful projects  ( managed expectations, cost, budgets, quality, scope…) we will have a positive impact on this small world of ours, one small change at a time!