Focus 2040 – A Future of HR

The Strategic Capability Network once again is worked with the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Hamilton to run the national student competition called Focus 2040. The competition invited students from the business faculties across Canada to predict what the world of work will be like in the year 2040. One of the objectives of this competition is to raise the profile and value of Human Resource Management in the minds of business students in Canada.
This is their second year of operation and the competition has expanded considerably beyond it’s successful beginnings in 2010. For an association to take this social/professional responsibility beyond it’s bounds is laudable.

Presented in a sleek modern art gallery, representing the brightness and future orientation of the human resource students ten finalists conveyed their view of HR in 2040 to 12 judges. These judges were bristling with strong business sector and academia backgrounds. Quite the daunting task. In the crowd behind me were upwards of 50 to 100 attendees, students, professors and anxious parents.

There were only winners in this competition. Yes, four competitors did garner the nod of the judges and were awarded one of four human resource internships provided. But I am hoping that the other finalists and all those who submitted entires participate again next year.

Presentations were challenging. Visions of interconnected, agile, socially responsible neo-organizations moving at new tempos and filled with generation Zs, alphas and betas flowed across their presentations. All this coupled with ideas about employee engagement, sustainability, use of scientific, medical, industrial and information technologies and the place of happiness.

The question for the listener: How will we integrate their thoughts and ideas as we work together to build to 2040 and beyond. More importantly, when will we add these bright minds into our corporations to help answer the questions.? The time is now.