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Archive for 'Change'

Listen to your people – One thing we can learn from the US election

Through this election what can we learn, from an organizational perspective? One clear point is to know your employees. Trump appears to have taken advantage of a simmering thread sewn throughout the fabric that is the United States. Few identified that thread or its need to be addressed. Organizationally it begs the question: How well […]

Before you start, stop! – change readiness

Before you start, stop! Those first few steps of change If culture eats strategy then speed and hubris in organizational change, kills culture. Ignoring culture, its characteristics and responses, will doom the project to repeat past transgressions. This is a fundamental history lesson. But this is only the first lesson of readiness. The term organizational […]

Inequality – A Broad Global Step Blog Action Day October 16, 2014

Inequality is a bully. It is a yoke on the shoulders of humanity, that is 20,000 years old and a milli-second young. It hurts. It is a conflict that kills the young, and decimates cities. It enables global rifts and skewed self-perceptions manipulating benefits of “the one” over “the other”. Inequality, through a minority of […]

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Don’t forget to change your underwear

Some people in organizations feel forgotten, taken for granted, sat upon, kept in the dark. overworked , overused, not refreshed! Well the metaphor can work! and now that I have your attention! Note to Project & Program Managers and their Sponsors: When Starting a project – Include Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies, methods, processes, techniques. […]



Introducing new technology standards is Not About introducing new technology standards!

“Dear Chief Technology Officer(s), It has come to my attention that, in our wonderful company,  you want to introduce some new standards.  I hear they may include things like a PMO ( Project Management Office), risk management, a SDLC ( services or systems delivery life cycle process), business analysis processes and quality audits. How nice. […]


For those of you who are hiring or want to hire a firm to find YOU a job ( guaranteed?)   STOP . I have read too many sad articles reporting on the fate of the unemployed paying out thousands of dollars to firms “promising” to find them jobs.  And, of course, the promise never comes […]

Future of HR

I had the opportunity this morning of listening to John Boudreau, co-author ( with Peter M. Ramstad) of the book Beyond HR, The New Science of Human Capital. The presentation was sponsored by the Strategic Capability Network ( ) in Toronto. John has eloquently provided a deep and relevant context, models and language in […]

Leadership is not an island

Leadership is hard sometimes. We take a new role and find that we respond to the new dynamics in new unplanned ways . From the outside we do well assessing the business situation ( like a case at school) and creating a number of pragmatic paper opinions based on good sound logic including ourselves. But […]