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January 2018
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Do populists fit in an organization?

Populism may be defined as the identification and vocalization of popular needs. Do populists fit in organizations? Yes. Of course. Be clear that populism is not a bad thing, if you “pay attention” to the voices. As a leader, before you can create any plan of action, paying attention requires listening and listening requires using […]

Before you start, stop! – change readiness

Before you start, stop! Those first few steps of change If culture eats strategy then speed and hubris in organizational change, kills culture. Ignoring culture, its characteristics and responses, will doom the project to repeat past transgressions. This is a fundamental history lesson. But this is only the first lesson of readiness. The term organizational […]

Inequality – A Broad Global Step Blog Action Day October 16, 2014

Inequality is a bully. It is a yoke on the shoulders of humanity, that is 20,000 years old and a milli-second young. It hurts. It is a conflict that kills the young, and decimates cities. It enables global rifts and skewed self-perceptions manipulating benefits of “the one” over “the other”. Inequality, through a minority of […]

Blog Acton Day WE come together are more than one create solidarity combine brains’ encourage ideas engender confidence create power cross pollinate ourselves focus on sustainability giving us breadth providing depth stretching length encouraging dialogues acting together overcoming racism being as one because we are WE #powerofwe #bad12 #Blogactionday

Don’t forget to change your underwear

Some people in organizations feel forgotten, taken for granted, sat upon, kept in the dark. overworked , overused, not refreshed! Well the metaphor can work! and now that I have your attention! Note to Project & Program Managers and their Sponsors: When Starting a project – Include Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies, methods, processes, techniques. […]

The age of civility has lost its way -a manifesto?

Where are you Ann Landers??? Please help. Our use of technology has moved us apart physically and emotionally. At the same time our use has increased the volume of data that can be  and is created/shared while lowering its intended quality.  The phrase “don’t call us , we’ll call you”, once used to manage the […]