Call Yourself to Action

A number of  individuals have called complaining about the lack of a job pipeline, high competitiveness in the marketplace, a lack of direction, no call backs!

My career coach clients know this and I want to communicate these few thoughts to all you readers.   Your role and mission,  is to repeat these thoughts ( or similar)  to yourself, everyday!

I will never give up.

I will always put my best foot forward.

If a man’s reach does not exceed his grasp, what’s a heaven for!

I have just begun to fight.

This is not a single battle. I must create, grow and change  my attack plan, as needed. Life changes in internet time.

The frontal attack is not always the best.  Bulls in China shops tend to break things!  I will Plan , Do, Check, Act ( thank you Mr. Demming !)

I will Breathe  ( thanks to my yoga teacher).

I am interconnected with the world.  With Whom can I share the value I bring today!

These are your daily excercises. You will succeed. It is within you.


The age of civility has lost its way -a manifesto?

Where are you Ann Landers???
Please help.

Our use of technology has moved us apart physically and emotionally. At the same time our use has increased the volume of data that can be  and is created/shared while lowering its intended quality.  The phrase “don’t call us , we’ll call you”, once used to manage the volume of phone calls/emails  received has now permeated our daily interactions with customers and suppliers in general.

Permeated to such an extent that:
.we do not actively  call Customers & Suppliers
.we do not follow up or provide feedback
.we do not manage expectations over time

Of course this attitude has similarly affected the relationships between managers/supervisors and their staff.

Lack of civility has created a lack of professionalism. The longer this goes on, the more the new attitude becomes a habit, a bad habit,  the higher potential the skills of connection  will be lost.

Bottom line, this has to stop.

I would like to suggest a policy with training and performance metrics be developed and implemented throughout all organizations who communicate.

Below is the start of  The Civility Manifesto. I will make this first cut succinct instead of waxing eloquently over pages and pages.  Please add change delete . Send me your thoughts.

All customers, suppliers, employees will be treated as Customers.
Customers are to be served.
Customers are human beings, just like you.
Customers  need  to communicate, and be communicated to on a timely basis.
Customers do appreciate a human voice, human face and a handshake.
Customers have expectations, perceptions, assumptions, emotions
Customers are all good people.
Customers need timely feedback, good or not as good, in order to self manage their own expectations, perceptions, assumptions, emotions  and self manage how they will relate, respond to You, Your team, Your organization.
Customers expect to be respected, just like you do.
A telephone call to a Customer, for example,  can take less that 30 seconds to complete, including a clear meaningful voice mail.

If each of us took 30 seconds to make that clarifying, expectation managing, information giving call, what impact would that have on our joint success, whether measured in revenue, time, or quality.

what are your thoughts



For those of you who are hiring or want to hire a firm to find YOU a job ( guaranteed?)   STOP .

I have read too many sad articles reporting on the fate of the unemployed paying out thousands of dollars to firms “promising” to find them jobs.  And, of course, the promise never comes true. For example, Rewriting a resume for you and sending you out to do cold calling is not a  service  of value. We need to refocus on ourselves and reposition. are we getting value??    and you say  YAH, RIGHT!!!!!!    I do not have a magic bullet, no one person does!   Remember that…

So,   what is going on with you?  ( I’ll exclude 4 letter words in this blog. You can add them as you read)

You are out of a job. In this world of ours the resulting pressures are immense and create/drive emotions in ourselves like:

.Pressure to do something –

.Anxiety about money, family, self respect, ego, physical-mental-spiritual health

.Anxiety about achieving our expectations of ourselves, and maybe meeting the perceived expectations  others have of us

.Anger at others, disbelief, sadness, self recrimination,

.Anxiety over the morass of data and information that impales us, adding to our challenge of next step decsions

.Frustration over the coldness of the job search process and the realization that the relationships you have may not be as warm as you thought

Given all of this, and more I am sure, we are all open to anything and sometimes  relent to others suggestions.  In some ways, for a short time, we even feel better that someone else will solve our problem. No matter what it costs.    The weight comes off our shoulders, for a second, minute, day , week. Feels good. But no answer.

We forget, as everyone and everything around us each looses its head,  how strong each of us can be in facing this job search. We are a resilient race, we humans…

So when that phone call offering you nirvana, please , please stop, and don’t give any  answers. Hang up.

Take a deep breadth, and count to ten. (This advice has been around for thousands of years, and still works..)

And start having a dialogue with yourself ( and write down the answers).

At this point the “Yah, RIGHT” people and over-wrought Type As people  stop reading or listening and run off in all directions.

For the rest of you:

You are your job search – No one else can ultimately do the job for you. In the end, when you get a job, it is You who will be sitting at that desk, or talking on that phone or serving  that customer.  Just you.  No one else.

And if at this point you say, I don’t care about this stuff I just want a job. C’mon!!!!!

Remember If you don’t know where you are going, nobody else will.

Remember too, that when you are really frustrated, you are like a fish on a hook. The more you struggle, the deeper the hook penetrates.  Please stop, rethink and regain control. In this case, you can get off that hook!

Some simple starting questions I like to  ask

.Do you have a written detailed and specific plan ( not in your head) for your job search? Do you have a written career plan and a go to market strategy?  Have you created your foundation resume based on you career?

Without these documents you may not be in control of yourself and thus can be at the mercy of others.

I am a believer of human resiliency. I believe each and every one of you can build and execute a plan. I believe that the thousands you may want to spend on someone else, is much better invested in you, ( intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically).  Start planning, so you start doing!

more later….