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November 2017
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Tag: leadership

Start planning OCM early!

Start OCM Planning early, or else! I am a fan of two curves: The Project management pear curve ( or whale or elephant) and the FRAM filter “curve”The pear curve reflects an understanding that the intention, scope and objectives of any project need to be understood early to minimize cost, effort and frustration over the […]

Inequality – A Broad Global Step Blog Action Day October 16, 2014

Inequality is a bully. It is a yoke on the shoulders of humanity, that is 20,000 years old and a milli-second young. It hurts. It is a conflict that kills the young, and decimates cities. It enables global rifts and skewed self-perceptions manipulating benefits of “the one” over “the other”. Inequality, through a minority of […]

The age of civility has lost its way -a manifesto?

Where are you Ann Landers??? Please help. Our use of technology has moved us apart physically and emotionally. At the same time our use has increased the volume of data that can be  and is created/shared while lowering its intended quality.  The phrase “don’t call us , we’ll call you”, once used to manage the […]

Desire – key to growth

One characteristic of successful people is consistent emotional staying power. They are able to maintain focus with less effort and have more positive effect than many. Frequently we say, at least to ourselves, I want some of that! So, what is “that”?? I suggest, whether you are an organizational leader, servant, follower or new role […]