Start planning OCM early!

Start OCM Planning early, or else! I am a fan of two curves: The Project management pear curve ( or whale or elephant) and the FRAM filter “curve”The pear curve reflects an understanding that the intention, scope and objectives of any project need to be understood early to minimize cost, effort and frustration over the… Continue reading Start planning OCM early!

Before you start, stop! – change readiness

Before you start, stop! Those first few steps of change If culture eats strategy then speed and hubris in organizational change, kills culture. Ignoring culture, its characteristics and responses, will doom the project to repeat past transgressions. This is a fundamental history lesson. But this is only the first lesson of readiness. The term organizational… Continue reading Before you start, stop! – change readiness

Maybe I can save the world too!

Ultimately, whatever we plan, it all comes down to execution. Over the past 40+ years books and articles have been written about the criticality of embedding  Organizational Change management in all that we do.  They screamed  It's the PEOPLE, stupid!! got it? It's all there. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Gerald Wienberg or Peter Bloch,  Kotter… Continue reading Maybe I can save the world too!