Introducing new technology standards is Not About introducing new technology standards!

“Dear Chief Technology Officer(s),

It has come to my attention that, in our wonderful company,  you want to introduce some new standards.  I hear they may include things like a PMO ( Project Management Office), risk management, a SDLC ( services or systems delivery life cycle process), business analysis processes and quality audits.

How nice.

Over lunch with my friends from networks, business architecture, and project management ( et al) ,  we smiled at the news and of course wish you luck.”

Does this sound familiar?

To really net this out,  the essence of the story is that introducing a new technology / process/ standard… is really about Effecting Change in an organization. This simple truism applies whether you are a Bank, Manufacturer, Consultant, Retailer. The second truism is that this is hard work. The third truism is that effecting positive change is valuable, exciting, gratifying and has the potential to act as “organizational glue”.

Before you write that email or send that missive, stop, step back, get out of your office and involve the organization or empower someone who can.  Maybe next time, you’ll be at that lunch too.